Friday, November 19, 2010


For those of you who haven't heard the news yet – I'm not in India! I am currently in sunny Blighty, waiting for the Indian embassy to get my Visa sorted. Apparently there are a few fellow VSOers who haven't got theirs yet either, so contrary to popular opinion it's not my ginger hair, nor my (apparently) awful taste in music, that is delaying my application!

So for the time being, I'm an unemployed layabout. I'm not entirely sure what my whereabouts will be for the next few days (or even how long I'll be in this position), but if you're free and fancy a coffee / beer / anything else that will pass my days, please get in contact!

So, not the most auspicious start to my adventure, but hey-ho! Can only get better (and hopefully warmer!) from here ;-)

Toodle pip


Friday, November 12, 2010

Tim On Tour

Ok, so the adventure is about to begin - we are properly on the countdown to lift-off now. I fly (visa permitting) on Wednesday 17th November at 11.45am. That's 5 days from now and I'm about as organised as usual :-)

As I get asked the same questions all the time, I guess this is as good a place as any to answer a few of them....

1. Where are you going?
Pretty simple this one - it's a place called Hazaribagh, which is in the Jharkhand region of North-East India. Here's a map so you can see what that means in real terms....but it's about 200 miles North-West-ish from Kolkatta.

2. What are you doing?
Bit more difficult, as I don't really know! I'm volunteering for a charity called VSO, who send professionals to developing countries to share their skills and experience. I'm going to be working for a foundation based in India called Srijan Foundation, who work in a number of areas of development such as HIV/AIDS awareness etc, and I'm going to be helping their management team with a number of different things. Until I get out there, I'm not sure exactly what though!

3. How long are you going for?
Much to a number of people's disappointment, it's only 12 months, not 24. Sorry.

4. Where are you staying?
Not sure yet. Srijan are providing me with accommodation, but I have no idea what that will be like yet. Pics will obviously be provided as soon as I get them :-)

5. Do you get paid?
Only a local wage. Works out to about £110 a month.

6. Why are you doing this?
Because it's a good thing to do and something I feel passionate about. Ever since I did 3 months in Ghana I've wanted to do a longer-term volunteer placement and now feels like the right time.

Anyway, this is where I'll be posting all my photos, stories and general ramblings while I'm away, so if you have any interest in what I'm doing this is the place to check!